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silvanoir replied to your post: DON’T READ CENTAUR NO NAYAMI YOU WILL …

I only read the first volume. they went to much into uh.. anatomy, for me.

Yeah, wasn’t so keen on the first volume either. I’m on volume 5 and so far there haven’t been any “anatomy” lesson repeats. 

phoenixrhythm replied to your post: DON’T READ CENTAUR NO NAYAMI YOU WILL …

Reading it now. Anything that you tell me not to read/watch, I always feel I should. I’m a fucking rebel like that.

I warned you about those snake girls bro




actual photo bomber Dio Brando

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I will probably never write this because I don’t have any time, but

NBC Hannibal/Death Note AU where L is an FBI profiler who specializes in serial killers. He’s only brought in as a drastic measure — while his unique insight and empathy with monstrous minds allows him to make uncanny…

crapsulecorporation replied to your post: Tonight’s Hannibal has incredible repr…

only catching up now, on 4. What episode aired tonight?

Su-Zukana, episode 8.

I have never been phased by any of the murders on this show or the cannibalism, but tonight’s episode made me go “what the fuck” several times. You’re in for a treat.

Tonight’s Hannibal has incredible representation of how abuse survivors and the mentally ill are disreputed and manipulated by their abusers, highly encourage anyone to watch this. 

Song: Shiki no Uta - WIP




It’s 1AM and this is what I’m doing with my life. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. Gnight tumblr.

Best english cover of Shiki no Uta I’ve ever heard. 

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just got an email from a prof. The gist of it was “you got near perfect on your final exam and your essay, but you haven’t done the movie responses, so that’s a 30 percent deduction to your final mark. Are you aware that you haven’t handed in those responses?”

And my reply was a kinder version of “yeah i skipped a lot of class, but thanks for giving me the As, peace out man.”