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phoenixrhythm said —
❝ I never feel bad over-thinking Adventure Time because there's just so much fucking subtext there. ❞

Dude I know! I mean, fuck, on top of the meta, this episode had Finn’s pubescent development (~sexual exploration~), the god parallel that can be drawn to Magic Man/Finn, and

"Do What Thoust Will Be The Whole Law"

this line can really change how you interpret the episode. If you consider the source, the implication of using an adapted line of the ethics code of Thelema, developed by a man who is commonly associated with the dark arts, Luciferism, and was sometimes called “the wickedest man alive”…Jake was right; that’s some black magic tier shit going down.

Urgh I have so much more I want to talk about but my head’s on the fritz and damn it’s 5 in the morning how is this possible

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