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Cassandra Cain back in New 52?


Nocenti’s planning something for her new Katana ongoing.

She’s got guest stars in issues #2 and 3 who are surprising. I want her to be connected to the DCU, even in her solo missions.”

"No plans yet for Batman to meet Katana, but you never know! Katana issues #2 and #3 bring back some surprising villains. I love bringing back forgotten characters and re-fitting them for today’s world, and I’m sure my editors and I will have discussions about that.”

"Nocenti said the first arc in Katana is going to be “kind of a triple arc. It’s new villains that she’s going to be fighting from the various clans, the special guest star villains that are going to be very surprising and a lot of fun, and her learning how to control the sword.”“

Goddamnmit. That sounds so fucking promising.

What do you think? Unlikely/likely chance of seeing Black Bat again?

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    I don’t know. I’m worried that she’ll get screwed up like everything else in the New 52.
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    Yeah I really doubt, but if DC allowed it I can understand. But why upset Morrison, Snyder and Simone?
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    Not to mention, if Grant Morrison and Scott Snyder both couldn’t get permission to use Cass, I doubt Nocenti could.
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    Let us hope for the best
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    I hope not. Not only would introducing Cassandra to the new 52 as a villain would be a colossal mistake, but as someone...
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    Impossible, well, not probable. As much as ai want to see Cass again Nocenti is referring to villians forgotten and...
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    And Ann Nocenti is at the “I don’t really give a fuck” stage in her career, and Cass needs someone that cares, not...
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    this way. The last time they turned...a bad guy, there was absolutely
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