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Holy shit guys

Beginning in the US next month, Amazon will give amateur authors 35 per cent royalties from sales of their work made digitally available on the internet giant’s website and on its Kindle devices.

There are cons: shit pay, they keep the publication rights, NO SEX AND VIOLENCE, and limited to writing what Amazon has licensed (so far they just have Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and The Vampire Diaries). 

Still, this is a big ass move. As god awful as Fifty Shades was, it dropkicked fanfiction into the professional pop lit spotlight. Amateur writers often explore subcultural and outsider themes that the mainstream would do well to read more about. And it does give writers a few bucks they wouldn’t have gotten before.

But the conditions are stifling. The freedoms fanfiction give are removed and quality doesn’t go hand-in-hand with censorship.

Will you be penning a slashy masterpiece for kindle worlds soon, imagined dignities be damned? Or do you scoff at profiting off your Harry Potter/Hannibal crossover?

  1. ants-and-aphids said: i’d shit bricks if somebody was paid to write fan fiction based on my work. also could never imagine actually paying to read fan fiction. might just be me, but there are only so many hours in a day and there’s an awful lot of OC out there.
  2. ponclast said: im mad id never be able to publish any of my fics because they all have eating ppl in them
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